Acropolis – “Death Before Dishonor” Fall MMXI Collection

Up and coming contemporary streetwear label, Acropolis, showcases their latest offerings for the Fall 2011 Season. Entitled as the “Death Before Dishonor” Fall MMXI Collection, a great lookbook is presented below, as well as close ups of the t-shirts from the range.
The collection is now available through their website,

Acropolis Apparel® is built upon the timeless ideals of progressive thought and revolutionary action. Influenced by world history, iconic symbolism and human achievement, Acropolis strives to reach new heights.

As a metaphor for greatness, Acropolis embodies the glory, power and splendor of an advanced society at its pinnacle. Sitting atop the center of Western Civilization’s foundation, Acro (highest) polis (city) literally translates to: highest city. As the birthplace of democracy, the Acropolis helped lead to the free thinking and individualism we enjoy in the world today.

Acropolis Apparel® represents the individualism and greatness in all of us. At Acropolis, we are dedicated to continually creating quality clothing rich in substance and style. We support all who help to improve the world and leave their mark.

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