Rihanna Carries Brass Knuckles (iPhone Case) #ThugLife

You can always count on Rihanna to turn every item of clothing and accessory into something edgy.
The singer was pictured today carrying her iPhone, which was encased in an aluminium knuckleduster.
A spokesperson for Knucklecase told Mail Online that the case was originally purchased by a paparazzo, who gave it to the star, 23, during her recent holiday in Hawaii after she admired it.

‘She loved it and it hasn’t left her hand ever since,’ the spokesperson said.
The company are so happy with the superstar singer’s endorsement of the product that they want to create a custom design just for her.

The ‘Knucklecase’ costs $99 and promises to toughen up your iPhone with the latest ‘knockout accessory’ that has ‘looks to kill.’

Given the crowds of photographers and fans that follow her everywhere, the cover, which users loop their fingers through, would come in handy in ensuring that the singer doesn’t drop her phone.
But, as with most of the things Rihanna does, her use of the potentially dangerous case has raised eyebrows.
The Knucklecase website has a disclaimer making clear that the accessory is not intended to be used as a weapon.

It reads: ‘This product is to be used only as a handle and protective accessory for an iPhone.
Any other use of the product is considered a misuse, resulting in the forfeiture of any express or implied warranty of fitness for purpose.
‘By purchasing this product, you agree to hold the Company harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties.’

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