Bamboozled Sneakerhead Scores Signed “South Beach” Lebron 9s

We’ve all come across a story or a first-hand experience of ‘one of our own’ getting scammed – Whether it be with fakes, false payments – or in this case, theft. Kevin Rodriguez, a sneakerhead //slash// architecture student, sold a pair of “South Beach” Lebron 9s to raise money for an upcoming school trip. The jackass buyer ran off with both the $700 payment AND the shoes, leaving Kevin penniless and missing a collectible.

However, Rodriguez didn’t go down without a fight. He took his case to TV’s Help Me Howard, and ended up with something better than what he lost! The Miami Heat not only replaced his “South Beach” Lebrons but had them signed by Lebron himself. Peep the video below to catch the full story.


they were south beach 8's