Nooka X SBTG Collection

I haven’t seen a collection this exciting from Nooka in quite some time, could it be their partnership with Sabotage [SBTG] that did it? Either way, NYC and Singapore join forces to produce this limited edition collection – inclusive of a vinyl collectible, a SBTG timepiece and a pair of Mercury shades.

The watch keeps time in the most interesting way, using stars to mark the hours and a crescent moon for the 12th hour. A mix of Military Green, Red and Gold is used for the band, which is held together by a clasp. A pair of matching Mercury sunglasses is seen as well, with a holographic lens that matches the camo print from the watch. Last but not least, Nooka presents us with this small collectible, featuring a magnet head and camo/Black body. If you want to grab any of the items from this exclusive collection, you can find them now at select Nooka retailers.