[News] P. Diddy’s Son Lands $54,000 Scholarship, While Dad Brags About Dropping $2M at Strip Clubs

Sean Combs’s eldest son, Justin Dior Combs, 18, graduated from a prestigious private high school yesterday in New York. Combs, aka Puff Daddy, couldn’t be more proud of his first born’s achievement.
While other parents frown at the news that Justin, an All-Star Senior prep athlete, was awarded a $54,000 scholarship to play football at UCLA in California, Combs shrugs off the criticism.
A classic narcissist, Combs believes that his son is entitled to everything in life — even if it comes at the expense of others who are more deserving.

Justin wasn’t exactly born with a golden spoon in his mouth when broke party promoter Puffy knocked up girlfriend, Misa Hylton-Brim. The golden spoon would come later.
Little Justin, who has restaurants named after him, soon lived the good life, with all the trappings of success, after Combs struck it rich with with his imprint Bad Boy Records.
An insecure man with rumored, shall we say, shortcomings, Sean Combs lives to brags about his riches.
And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

5 foot 9, 175-pound Justin, who goes by the handle @Jdior_ on Twitter.com, constantly brags about his Rolex watches, a $400K chauffeured Maybach, trips on private jets, and all the other riches his father has lavished upon him.

Yesterday, Sean Combs enraged Twitter users when he bragged about spending $2 million at Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club.
Rob Hoffman, a photographer and videographer, wasn’t laughing. He demanded to know when Combs would pay him for services rendered earlier this year.
When Twitter followers pointed out the hypocrisy in Combs’ narcissistic bragging, an unrepentant Sean Combs tweeted: “I know you may think its better ways for me to spend my money. But its my motherfuckin money! I support the stripper association of america!”

Narcissists are notorious for not giving a damn what you think about their self-centered indiscretions.
Still, parents who have had to struggle to afford the basic necessities for their sons aren’t happy that a braggart’s son gets a free ride on a scholarship that could have gone to someone more deserving.
The loyal reader who tipped me to Sean Combs’s tweets about the $2 million strip club spending spree, has a son who was passed over for a scholarship [though not to UCLA].
“I guess [Combs] paid for that [scholarship], too,” she wrote in her email.
Update: A loyal reader writes:
I thought it would be important to point out that UCLA is a state school and the UC system is currently raising tuition cost to pay for things like his scholarship, when there are many qualified students in the state of California who are being passed over. This is just another example of how higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for middle class families to afford.