Rihanna Continues to Rock Out with 90s Accessories (Fanny Pack, Visor…Is a Scrunchie Next?)

A few months ago Rihanna rocked a questionable accessory that you either loved or hated: a faux leather Joyrich Cash Flow Fanny pack. This belted purse was a staple for many in the late 80s and early 90s, but now it’s considered a serious fashion hell no! We let it slide because we love Rih Rih’s rebel style.

But earlier this month she whipped out another 90s staple. She topped her casual striped shirt and maxi skirt off with a leather Giorgio Baldi visor. Yes, a visor.

And that’s not all. Just this past Sunday she stepped out sporting a black beanie. Rihanna is having a serious love affair with all things 90s, but what is old is always new again, right? Although, if we see the pop star rocking a scrunchie we can’t cosign on that.