Porsche – Announces Exclusive 911 Club Coupe

It has been 60 years since the two oldest Porsche clubs have been enacted. For this special occasion, the German automaker will be introducing a super exclusive 911 Club Coupe.

“Using the Carrera S as a base, the Club Coupe gets the Carrera S Powerkit providing an extra 30 horsepower, taking the total to 430 hp and dropping the 0-to-100-kph sprint to 4.0 seconds. The PASM option drops the car by 20 millimeters over its 20-inch Sport Techno rims, and the Sport Design package adds a new front fascia and a ducktail spoiler out back. The work is then coated in Brewster Green paint with an Espresso interior, and finished with glossy script on the doors.”

It is reported that only 13 models will be produced, with one exclusively just for the company. Meaning only 12 will be available to the global market. For this slim chance of guaranteeing a purchase, you can sign up on this site to win the lottery of being able to buy one of them.

You can sign up until June 16, as the vehicle retails for $175,000.