Kyrie Irving breaks his hand by punching a wall after challenging Kobe Bryant

It seems like something out of a mob movie, it feels as if Kobe sent out his goons. Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe Bryant and embarassed him this week. That video went viral. Then all of a sudden, Irving broke his right hand during practice today and will be out for 6-8 weeks. The injury occurred as Kyrie punched a padded wall which did not have enough padding as expected. Somewhere Amare Stoudamire is giggling. This is what the youngster had to say about his injury:

“I am a little disappointed. I have to be more responsible about my health. It was just crazy. It happened so fast.”



Kobe crossed him so hard he fell to the floor and broke his hand ... only explanation that makes sense 

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sensationalism at its, Kyrie hit his hand on a padded wall out of frustration during practice, not because of anything that Kobe did. SMH