Air Jordan 9 ‘Photo Blue’ New Look

Apparently the first look at the Air Jordan 9 ‘Photo Blue’ with the white outsole was not the final product. Instead, we’ll be treated with a tonal-black set-up with a ‘Penny’ look achieved by the Photo Blue accents on the upper such as the logos on the heel, outsole and contrast stitching on the upper. This sneaker has a very similar look to Penny Hardaway’s PE and has a release date of November 3rd. You can view the Air Jordan 9 ‘Photo Blue’ that was thought to be what retailers would be getting below.


LaidBackLuis 1 Like

I Heard this was a mistake though.?

JayMarquez 1 Like

 @LaidBackLuis It was. We wrote a new post on the 10,000 pair factory error which is on the 1st or 2nd page.