Top 10 Mixtapes & Covers In Recent Hip Hop History

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Since the turn of the 21st century, artists have been using mixtapes as a way of generating hype potentially leading to interests from record labels or to promote a future studio album. Through mixtapes, artists have the creative freedom to release whatever they’d like without any interference from music labels. Many music fans prefer a mixtape over a studio album simply because the artist isn’t faced with any restrictions therefore making the quality of music better and a lot more genuine. An artist’s mixtape is not only a method of advertisement, but it also serves as an outlet for musicians to share their experiences and views of the world with the public. There is always a story just as well as a meaning behind every body of work, so here are our top 10 most influential mixtapes with their covers.

10. Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz

Asher Roth Pabst & Jazz
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Pennsylvania native Ashor Roth shows off his lyrical diversity in the December 2011 release of Pabst & Jazz. As you can see, the cover depicts the “Pabst” part (which means hipster) through an array of abstract colors and pop art. Although you would think the mixtape would have a “jazz” theme, Asher reinvents the word by referring to the way his words flow together in his songs as a “jazz-like” conversation. Definitely a must listen.

“This game I’ve put my stamp on it, like hand prints in the sand”

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