Foot Locker #Approved Video: What kicks did you wear growing up?

Foot Locker brings out their latest video which features Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Chris Bosh yet again. They were asked to talk about the sneakers that they each wore while they were growing up while behind-the-scenes at the Foot Locker Approved commercial. They all had different stories and talked about the sneakers as well as how they couldn’t afford the sneakers or had the latest at the time. Carmelo Anthony talked about the Air Jordan 9, Chris Bosh talked about the Nike Air Uptempo, James Harden talked about having the latest Nikes at the time, Russell Westbrook talked about the Vince Carter Nike Shox, and Kevin Love talked about being hyped as he just got a few pairs of them them in a size 18.


my 2nd pair was some air force 1z baby I was about 2 :) got a pic =P