Apple iPhone 5 Preorders Hit 2 Million In 1 Day


AT&T’s announcement earlier included the statement that the latest iPhone was the fastest selling in the series yet to no surprise, but Apple has given out a specific number which is sure to open a few eyes and make Samsung a bit angry. Apple has confirmed a whopping 2 million pre-orders in only 24 hours which doubles the pre-order record of approximately 1 million units held by the iPhone 4S last year. The initial supply that Apple has is stated not to be enough right now and some disappointing news has arrived in the case of some pre-order customers not being able to receive their device until October. You can’t deny Apple’s hustle and exceptional marketing strategy when it comes to their sleek technology!



now take da money u make n use to bring steve jobs back cuz yall bout dat bull**** callin ya 6th phone the 5.....