GQ for Gap – Best New Menswear Designers in America 2012 Collection – Mark McNairy (Available Now)

Being one of the five other best new menswear designers in America for 2012, Mark McNairy’s collaborative pieces with GQ for Gap is now available as the range includes a tech blazer, a chambray shirt featuring an oddly positioned chest pocket, wool cargo trousers in a woodland camo print, a navy tee with the words “Manifest Destiny” embossed across the chest and finally, a pair of daisy print boxers.

Get the collection now at select Gap stores, as well as Gap’s online store.


Coll Thrush
Coll Thrush

Do you people even know what "Manifest Destiny" means? It's the idea that the US had the right to spread to the Pacific, and which justified genocidal wars. Shocking and disgusting. And McNairy's Twitter response to criticism is even worse: "MANIFEST DESTINY: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" (he's since deleted it). This is like saying that the Jews deserved the ovens or African-Americans deserved slavery. Appalling.