Foamposite References in Rap Songs

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Nike Air Foamposites have definitely become one of Nike’s flagship sneakers. Conventionally we have been hearing a lot of Air Jordan references in rap songs but as the Foams grow in popularity rappers are actively mentioning the sneaker in their lyrics. Follow the trail and check out some of these rap songs where rappers make a Foamposite reference.

1. Wale

Foamposite references in rap songs

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Song: What more can I say
Lyrics: I leave and love ‘em
I love and leave ‘em
So many foams in my closet, no Walter Oliva
Pourin’ this reefer, I’m rollin’ like re-up

Song: Barry Sanders
Lyrics: When you do it big as Manute you make it seem minute
Ricky Moore Flightposite, Mike Bibby blue Foams
Interscope feeling like Charlotte
When they traded Kobe you know?

Song: All the way gone
Lyrics: She call me all the time, I ain’t no regular Joe
I be staying at the Roosevelt more than Marilyn goes
I’m messing bitches with Chuck, but I was wearing some Foams

Song: Double M genius
Lyrics: Loud smoking so pass the L like a semicolon
The Bentley is rented but I got many chauffers
Foamposites if you ain’t got em then you penny-loafing!

Song: Fitted Cap
Lyrics: Pine-green Foams, they may never see the store
Got LeBron Entourages like Maverick and Richie Paul

Song: This thing of ours
Lyrics: I see Feds, I go that way, that DMV shit taught us
When you young and you black, they see you as a target
So before them Foamposites get ya lawyer in order

Song: The Power
Lyrics: A real life viking, shout out to St. Paul
Foamposite Max like I’m out of Wake Forest
That’s Duncan for slow-mo’s, mine be so OG

Song: F*** em
Lyrics: Black Foamposites, it’s like we on that mobbing shit
Riding five deep and I’m as dirty as them congressmen

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Good article to read. Knew @wale had to be at the top of the list too @StyleEngine: Foamposite References in Rap Songs


@StyleEngine you forgot a Dom kennedy song where he mentions foams -tennis shoes


Joe Budden - No Church in the Wild (Freestyle)"Put my Nikes on his cheek, now he foamin' at the mouth!" 


hmm thats not referring to foams as in foamposites


@ghostfacekilla yes it is. He even says "get it"? After the line