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SaFii Clothing is a premium clothing line based in Miami and New York and they gained quite a bit of popularity right out of the gate due to popular names on Tumblr rocking the stylish t-shirts. The brand name is a derivation from the Swahili word “safi” which means “fresh” and it was created by Elijah Julian and Randy back in 2011 after they went through health issues that changed their lives. SaFii has been influenced by world history, urban culture and designers such as Pharrell, Kanye West and others. Their designs have been printed on either 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton which make for a luxurious and comfortable feel when worn. The Simba Msalaba (Lion Cross) and Duma (Cheetah) are the two designs currently out at the moment which you can take a look at below on various people and you can purchase them via Safii’s online store when they stock up again.

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Lol exactly @pompoh_  . Lets see how successful Givenchy was with putting animals on their shirts so lets do the same. 


so its a knock off wanna be givenchy?