Apple Officially Announces September 9 Event: ‘Wish We Could Say More’


With reputable media publications already reporting of Apple holding a September 9 event to unveil its next iPhone, the Cupertino-based company has finally made it official today, with media [...]

Apple Plans to Unveil iWatch & iPhone 6 on September 9


Amidst speculation and following reports by Re/code, Apple reportedly has plans to unveil its highly anticipated iWatch in September, alongside the iPhone 6. As the website suggests, this wearable [...]

Casio – Detachable Action Camera EX-FR10


Japanese electronics giant, Casio introduces a slight competitor to the GoPro with its EX-FR10 – a detachable action-camera. As the title suggests, the lens and the screen can be detached and [...]

Sharp AQUOS Crystal Smartphone


Japanese electronics brand, Sharp presents the stunning AQUOS Crystal Smartphone, boasting groundbreaking edgeless design, incredible audio featuring Harman/Kardon technologies and a camera that makes [...]

Samsung Officially Announces the Galaxy Alpha


For the non-apple users out there (if any), Samsung steps their game up and unveils their anticipated Galaxy Alpha smartphone. If an upgrade from plastic to metal body were all it took to become the [...]

ColorWare – Beats Pill “Safari”


Customization specialists, ColorWare revitalizes the Beats Pill 2.0 speaker with a vibrant Safari Leopard print finish. Keeping with the product’s slender, minimalist design which features four [...]

Mario Kart 8 Adds Vintage Cars from Mercedes-Benz


An iconic Nintendo franchise, the eighth installment of Mario Kart features a special collaboration with German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. The new video game will include three vintage [...]

See-Thru Sounds | Transparent Speakers by People People


Now a days it’s not much what you listen but how you listen to it. Lately there is a wide variety of speaker to choose from that you probably end up getting what everyone has…, which most [...]