Chris Brown and Drake Offered $1 Million Each to Box Each Other

drake vs chris brown

Chris Brown and Drake have been offered a million dollars each to fight each other in a boxing match. The promoter has already given the two rivals his official offer. The date is set to August 25th [...]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sued for being Al-Qaeda terrorists and funding Al-Qaeda with Air Yeezy 2 money

kanye west kim kardashian al qaeda terrorists

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are being sued by the man who holds the Guinness book of world records as the most litigious man in the world. Jonathan Lee Riches filed the lawsuit in Northern District [...]

Charles Schwab Gives 10k to the Sneakhead With the Best Story on How He Blew His Cash

Charles Schwab Gives 10k to the Sneakhead With the Best Story on How He Blew His Cash

The “Oh Chuck! I Blew My Cash” contest from Charles Schwab is offering up a $10k Schwab account to the sneakerhead who can come up with the best story on how he blew his cash. This new commercial [...]

4 Kids get robbed over Air Jordan XII Obsidians in Bronx


Imagine waiting in line all night and finally getting a pair of those hot sneakers only to get robbed immediately. Well that’s exactly what happened to these kids in Bronx, video below (notice [...]

Charles Shwab makes fun of Sneakerheads in new commercial

chuch charles shwab sneakerhead

Chuck aka Charles Shwab, a finance management company just released a new commercial in which a sneakerhead blows all his money on sneakers. Chuck evidently don’t understand the [...]

YSL Changes Name to “Saint Laurent Paris”

YSL Changes Name to “Saint Laurent Paris”

Luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent will be undergoing a huge change this year, changing the brand’s well-known name to “Saint Laurent Paris.”  While most know the label by [...]

iPhone 5 news: New charging dock, say goodbye to your accessories

iphone 5 dock

It has been confirmed that iPhone 5 will feature a new charging dock. That alone will render most if not all your iPhone accessories that you already own useless for your new iPhone. Excerpt below: [...]

Beyonce buys Jay-Z an Airplane for Fathers day

beyonce blue ivy jay z

Earlier Kim Kardashian bought Kanye West a Lamborghini, and now Beyonce tops that off and buys her man a Bombardier Challenger 850 jet airplane which costs about $40 million. Reports indicate that [...]