Air Jordan VII Gold Medal Edition


With the Olympics returning this summer, Jordan Brand is gearing up for a few drops to commemorate the games.

Derrick Rose spotted on a walker

derrick rose walker 2

In other sports news, a fan caught Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose at his condo at Trump Towers in Chi-Town yesterday, after his intense ACL surgery. Reports suggest that Derrick Rose could be out [...]

World’s Most Expensive iPad priced at $1.2 Million


My iPad 2 is looking a little pale and shabby in comparison to the $1.2 million diamond-encrusted iPad from Camael Diamonds. The company calls it the world’s most expensive iPad, and I’m [...]

Muhammad Ali worn boxing trunks from ‘Thrilla in Manilla ‘ sells for $100,000


October 1, 1975- a day when the boxing world stood witness to one of the greatest fights in history. Thrilla in Manilla, the third and final boxing match between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, of which [...]

Air Jordan VII Retro ‘Olympic’ – Available Early on eBay


The upcoming Air Jordan ‘Golden Moments’ Pack refers to the two Olympic Gold Medal triumphs of the Air Jordan, which arrived in 1992, when Michael led the Dream Team to a dominated victory in the [...]

Mariah Carey launches new sneakers


Project Canvas shoes were customized by renowned celebrities, artists and brands including designs by Mariah Carey with Crystal Icing. Of the lot that was offered for bidding, the Audemars Pieguet for [...]

New Givenchy Sneakers – Priced at $625


Givenchy’s Two Tone Woven Panel High-top Sneakers ($675) have a very distint look. They are all white but incorporate black suede throughout.

JR Smith Shows Off His Sneaker-room

jr smith sneaker room

JR Smith continues to make sneaker headlines off the court. Today JR gave us a glimpse inside his luxorious sneaker room offering just a small taste of his entire sneaker collection. Check out the [...]