Draya Michele (our favorite Air Jordan 7 girl) leaks her nude picture

Draya Michele Nude (1)

Draya Michele is the reason why many people watch the reality show L.A Basketball Wives. Draya is also one of the finest women we ever saw dawning the Air Jordan sneakers. But her reputation must [...]

Air Jordan VII Eye Candy: Draya Michele vs. Kate Upton [vote]


We want to know which one of these beautiful ladies do you think looks better in Air Jordan VIIs. Kate Upton is rocking a pair of Air Jordan VII Mineral Blue while Draya Michele got on a pair of Air [...]

Draya Michele’s sexy photoshoot in Air Jordan VII Olympics x T.I.T.S


Draya Michele’s photoshoot for T.I.T.S x Air Jordan VII Olympics. More photos and video below, Enjoy!