Givenchy – Panelled Cotton Sweatpants


To compliment the recent Perforated Leather Basketball Jersey, Givenchy reworks the classic sweatpants into a more sartorial offering by embellishing the silhouette with geometric panelling and a [...]

Givenchy – Hooded Leather and Neoprene Jacket


With a flair for luxurious streetwear, Riccardo Tisci unveils another standout piece from Givenchy‘s current F/W 2014 offerings with this Hooded Leather and Neoprene Jacket. Crafted from smooth [...]

Givenchy – Perforated Leather Basketball Jersey


Riccardo Tisci‘s admiration for the sport of basketball is prevalent throughout Givenchy‘s current Fall/Winter 2014 collection, as he infuses geometry of the Bauhaus movement elegantly [...]

Givenchy – Abstract-Print T-Shirt & Sweatshirt


While Riccardo Tisci’s offerings for Givenchy is predominantly Bauhaus-inspired for F/W 2014, the esteemed designer presents more striking offerings with this abstract-print t-shirt and sweater. [...]

Givenchy – Padded Leather Backpack


With a penchant for street and sportswear, Riccardo Tisci’s strong offerings for Givenchy‘s F/W 2014 collection continues as the French fashion house presents this classic black backpack, [...]

Givenchy – Tyson High-Top Leather Sneakers


To perfectly compliment its recent Shell Bomber Jacket, Givenchy presents another iteration of their signature Tyson High-Top sneakers. Following a solid collection with Nike on the Air Force 1, this [...]

Givenchy – Shell Bomber Jacket


Riccardo Tisci’s take on the classic bomber jacket is showcased for Givenchy’s current F/W 2014 range, as the timeless silhouette stays true to its military roots with modern enhancements. [...]

Givenchy – Leather-Sleeved Checked Sweatshirt


As part of its extensive F/W 2014 collection, Givenchy presents a festive release with this leather-sleeved sweatshirt. Composed of a wool-blend and cotton composition, the silhouette retains a sleek [...]