Packer Shoes x ASICS Gel Lyte 5 GORE-TEX


New Jersey-based retailer, Packer Shoes welcomes 2015 with another collaboration featuring footwear label ASICS. Utilizing the brand’s Gel Lyte 5 as the main canvas, the low-top silhouette is [...]

Stussy – Fall/Winter 2014 GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat


As part of its Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Stussy aligns with premium technical fabric brand, GORE-TEX to create a quality Soutien Collar Coat. Perfect for the winter months ahead, this silhouette [...]

nanamica – Camouflage GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket


nanamica’s outerwear line never fails to disappoint as it merges functionality and style perfectly. Along with the previously featured Southien collar jacket, the brand offers another standout [...]

nanamica – Camouflage GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat


For this Fall 2013, nanamica presents another solid interpretation of the Soutien Collar Coat. Comprised of Gore-tex, the waterproof/breathable fabric is draped in camouflage which adds a stylish [...]

Nanamica – Gore-Tex Riding Coat

Nanamica - Gore-Tex Riding Coat (8)

Another standout from Nanamica’s latest releases for the new year is showcased with this Riding Coat. Based on vintage motorcycle jacket designs, it has been remixed with styling and fabric [...]

Nanamica – “Blackwatch” Gore-Tex Cruiser Jacket

Nanamica - Gore-Tex Cruiser Jacket (6)

As part of nanamica’s latest releases for the new year, they introduce the Gore-Tex cruiser which is perhaps the most recognizable and definitive Nanamica design. Evolving season after season, [...]

visvim – Fall/Winter 2012 Orion Tweed 2L Gore-Tex Jacket

visvim - Fall/Winter 2012 Orion Tweed 2L Gore-Tex Jacket

Japanese brand, visvim, showcases the latest from their Fall 2012 collection with this Orion Tweed 2L Gore-Tex Jacket. Crafted in conjunction with Harris Tweed, this hunting jacket is comprised of a [...]

A Bathing Ape – 1st Camo Gore-Tex Snow Board Jacket

A Bathing Ape - 1st Camo Gore-Tex Snow Board Jacket (5)

Bape continues its onslaught of outerwear offerings as they now release the 1st Camo Gore-Tex Snow Board Jacket. As the name suggests, the outdoor silhouette incorporates the label’s signature [...]