Biggest Sneakerhead On Reality TV: Ronnie From Jersey Shore

Ronnie sneaker game jersey shore (22)

The muscle-head quick-temper lover boy has showed us a lot of embarrassing things over the years but when it comes to sneakers we must recognize his game. He has rocked more heat on reality TV than [...]

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The Situation Rocks Nike Air Yeezy


The Situation who is known for his role on the show Jersey Shore was spotted on the red carpet celebrating his upcoming Big Brother appearance. He kept his outfit fairly classy with brands such as [...]

Ronnie from Jersey Shore a sneaker-head?


The juicehead gorilla Ronnie was spotted rocking a Black/Pink pair of Nike Air Yeezy. He might have ditched Sammie and picked up affection for fresh sneakers. Ane we thought Pauly D was the [...]