Dead Dunny Men’s T-Shirt


Created in collaboration with Luke Chueh, this macabre 100% cotton tee features a screen-printed “Dead Dunny” graphic on the front. Get yours here

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA Fat Louie 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap


Satisfy your appetite for irony with this 100% cotton canvas New Era 59Fifty fitted hat cooked up by Frank Kozik and inspired by the big mack of his Mongers Filter Kings mini series. Features an [...]

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA JAPAN「Gloomy’s Heart」59Fifty Fitted Cap


KID ROBOT typically hits us with busy designs and vibrant colorways, but this time we get a subtle Kanye-ish aesthetic, with their Gloomy’s Heart fitted. Done on a New Era Japan cap, the hat [...]

SSUR x Kidrobot Skull Preview


Adult toys [no, not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter] have become more and more popular these days. Recently, SSUR and Kidrobot got together and gave us a preview of their collaborative [...]

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA「Vintage Labbit」59Fifty Fitted Cap


For the first time in a long time, the underbill and rear get all of the shine on a cap, as opposed to the traditional front two panels. Kid Robot gives us something special with their Vintage [...]

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA「Peeping KidPunk」59Fifty Fitted Cap


I’m loving the new fitted from Kid Robot x New Era, the Peeping KidPunk fitted. This grey scale cap introduces us to a brand new character from the Kid Robot line, the new KidPunk mascot. The [...]

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA「Scrapbook」59Fifty Fitted Cap


We haven’t seen much from Kid Robot this season, but FRANK KOZIK is looking to change that, with this new 59Fifty fitted. Dubbed the Scrapbook fitted, this cap features popular Kid Robot [...]

KID ROBOT x NEW ERA -One Eyed Robot 59Fifty Fitted Cap


The One-Eyed Robot logo is the new cap from Kid Robot, coming in a full black colorway with white bulky embroidery on the front panels. You may notice that this isn’t your typical Kid Robot [...]