40 Glocc Sues The Game

40 glocc

If you remember when The Game gave 40 Glocc the whooping of a life time a few months ago back in July, then this shouldn’t be too shocking as The Game is now being dragged into court from that [...]

Teens Sue Eachother Over Nike Air Yeezy 1

Court Case

In a hilarious moment of observing the status of the sneaker community, a new episode of Judge Judy has made its way from television networks onto the internet. Two teenagers brought along their [...]

Apple Wants An Extra $707 Million From Samsung


It seems Apple isn’t content with gaining over $1 billion dollars from Samsung in their recent case concerning patents and design lawsuits as they are now asking for another $707 million. Apple [...]

Samsung Destroys iPhone 5 via Spec List


Samsung just loves to fight with Apple even though they produce a majority of the parts for them and they recently lost over 1 billion dollars in a lawsuit against Apple. That hasn’t stopped [...]

Shepard Fairey Receives $25,000 Fine + 2 Years Probation For “Hope” Obama Posters


Shepard Fairey is mainly known as the man behind the famous OBEY brand and he was facing prison time about half a year ago but the situation has come to a close, again. In regards to his infamous [...]

Young Money Entertainment Sued for Unpaid Royalties

lil wayne

Lil Wayne‘s label Young Money has a history of not paying its producers such as Bangladesh and Deezle suing back in 2011 for compensation on their contributions on The Carter III. The label is [...]

Will Nike Sue Prada Over The “Levitate” Shoe Series?


Prada presents the ‘Levitate’ Shoe Series which is available now from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection but as soon as you view the shoes you might find a rather similar look. Prada has taken [...]

Apple Awarded Over $1 BILLION In Damages In Samsung Lawsuit


The nine-person jury in Apple‘s patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung told U.S. District Court Judge Lucy H. Koh that they have a verdict only after three days. This lawsuit has been [...]