Tebow Mania in Hip Hop

Tim Tebow Hip Hop (5)

Tim Tebow has taken the sports world by surprise within his short NFL career. Tebow-mania has even reached the rap game. Many rappers have referenced the NY Jets backup quarterback in their lyrics. [...]

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WTH: Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J


Lil Wayne was performing at club LIV and for some reason Stevie J was also present on the stage. Then all of a sudden Stevie J approached Lil Wayne and both men engage in a full blown kiss. Check out [...]

Lil Wayne Receives MotorCycle-Hybrid From Nicki Minaj For Birthday


Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj share a very special relationship that even Drake would cry over as Weezy gave her a chance and she is now one of the biggest celebrities and the main female staple of Young [...]

Lil Wayne’s Fetish With Weird Boots

Lil Wayne Ugg Boots (15)

Weezy claims to have unparalleled swag but we still can’t grasp our thoughts around his ongoing affair with weird Ugg boots. To top it off he rocks these insanely girly (which are even wack to [...]

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Game Beats Up CTE Rapper “211″ At Lil Wayne’s Birthday Party


Lil Wayne turned a shockingly young 30 years old this past Thursday and it’s common sense that he celebrated the occasion by throwing a birthday party at a Hollywood nightclub. A variety of [...]

Lil Wayne Announced “I Am Not A Human Being II” Release Date


November is full of album releases for some of the biggest stars including Ne-Yo, 50 Cent and Ghostface Killah but Lil Wayne will be putting out yet another music album.  Lil Wayne’s I Am Not a [...]

Lil Wayne Makes Homophobic Comments On “Turn On The Lights” Remix


Lil Wayne isn’t stopping his punchlines on his recently released Dedication 4 mixtape as he has now been featured on the remix to Atlanta rapper Future’s song. The song is titled “Turn On [...]

New Music: Fabolous – So NY (New York)


In response to Lil Wayne‘s comments on how he feels about New York City, Fabolous has recently let out a new track called So NY which explains his love for the city and how Weezy probably [...]