Poll: Who Rocked ‘em Better (Lebron 9 South Beach aka Miami Vice) – Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne vs. Victor Cruz

jay-z south beach

We have seen Lebron 9 South Beach worn by many celebrities, in this post we want to know who out of these three rocked ‘em better. Jay-Z sports the sneakers with black pants, a dark denim [...]

Lil Wayne rocking Lebron 9 South Beach (aka Miami Vice) with the extra laces on the side

lil wayne south beach

Lil Wayne was spotted rocking a fresh pair of Lebron James along with his Trukfit gear. Interestingly Weezy rocked the extra laces on his kicks.
photo: NikeTalk.com

10 Celebrities Rocking Lebron 9 South Beach

New Jersey NET's End Of Season Game - April 23, 2012

Nike Lebron 9 South Beach sneakers have been released yet they are still as hard to get as ever. Unless you are one of these celebrities.
1. Jay-Z

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