Christian Louboutin Red Patent Leather ‘Rollerboy Spike’ Loafer


French footwear designer Christian Louboutin is heavily known for going against the usual safe and conservative designs. This new Rollerboy Spike loafer shown above has a bright red patent leather [...]

Christian Louboutin – Roller Boat Men’s Flat: Black/Black

Christian Louboutin - Roller Boat Men’s Flat: Black/Black

Recently previewed from the New Colorways of the Roller Boat Spiked Sneaker, today we see a more detailed look of the all black Louboutins. Finished in all black, this leather slip-on shoe is covered [...]

Christian Louboutin – Rollerboy Spike ‘Leopard’

Christian Louboutin - Rollerboy Spike ‘Leopard’

The Rollerboy Spikes from Christian Louboutin are back for the Summer 2012 season so be prepared to break necks. Being as the popular shoe from the label, this new Rollerboy is covered in gold spikes [...]