Samsung Galaxy S III Mini


Samsung doesn’t seem to be phased at all from losing over a billion dollars due to their lawsuit with Apple as they have announced yet another new Galaxy model known as the Samsung Galaxy S III [...]

Samsung Bashes iPhone 5 Again With New Ad


Samsung has recently put out a spec list sheet where they destroyed the iPhone 5 and now they have recently released its latest advertisement which blatantly mocks people that have been camping [...]

Samsung Destroys iPhone 5 via Spec List


Samsung just loves to fight with Apple even though they produce a majority of the parts for them and they recently lost over 1 billion dollars in a lawsuit against Apple. That hasn’t stopped [...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 OutSells The iPhone 4s


The iPhone which was made by Apple is heavily known for its minimalistic design, optimized technology, and the fact that it sells truckloads of phones daily. The iPhone 4s is currently the latest in [...]

Samsung Sends Fan A Custom Samsung Galaxy S3


  A dedicated fan of Samsung had requested a free Samsung Galaxy S3 but was denied the free Samsung Galaxy S3 at first from one of Samsung’s Facebook pages. Their reason for the denial was [...]

Samsung Announces The Galaxy Note II


Fresh off of announcing the Galaxy camera, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Note II which has been noted for being a mix of a smartphone and tablet. The Galaxy Note II is the brand’s most S [...]

Samsung Brings Out 4 New Samsung Galaxy S 3 Colors


Samsung decided that people needed the latest and greatest Android phone in more colors than blue and white so they have announced that 4 new colors will be available for the public. AT&T had an [...]

MetroPCS Reveals Samsung Galaxy S III In Fall Line Up


The prepaid carrier MetroPCS has let its new fall lineup slip, and among those devices is the highly coveted Samsung Galaxy S 3. MetroPCS isn’t touting the Voice Over LTE feature for the Galaxy [...]