Shwood for Pendleton – Canby Sunglasses


Eyewear specialists, Shwood aligns with Pendleton once again this Fall 2014 to follow up on its Fall 2013 collection. Both sharing Oregon roots and dedication to U.S. manufacturing, the partnership [...]

Shwood – Fifty/Fifty Stone Collection


Eyewear specialists, Shwood introduces its Fifty/Fifty Collection with the addition of genuine stone. Made even more sophisticated, the range includes the Canby (featured), Francis, Govy 2 and [...]

Shwood – Francis In 50/50 Acetate


Portland based brand, responsible for creating the most stunning handcrafted wooden sunglasses is back with a new take on their classic Francis frames. Using the model’s rounded silhouette and [...]

Shwood “Prescott” Sunglasses


For those of you who like the androgynous silhouettes, these shades are perfect for every occasion. Portland-based eyewear company Shwood presented their latest addition to the “Wood Original” [...]

Shwood – Spring 2014 Fifty/Fifty Sunglasses Collection


Wooden eyewear specialists, Shwood, releases its latest collection with the Fifty/Fifty sunglasses. Consisting of three styles, the frames are finished in a number of colorways for a variety of [...]

Shwood Select – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


Shwood Select, a much more premium line compared to its regular offerings, experiments on new designs, shapes and features beautifully constructed wooden frames. Featuring its forthcoming [...]

Shwood x Pendleton – Fall 2013 Sunglasses


Not a stranger to collaborations, Shwood and Pendleton align once again as they create a limited edition set of eyewear. Utilizing Shwood’s popular Canby silhouette, the frames have been [...]

Shwood x Mercedes-Benz – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


Wooden eyewear specialists, Shwood collaborates with Mercedes-Benz to commemorate New York Fashion Week which is currently taking place until September 12. Utilizing its popular models, the Belmont [...]